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  • The Grass is Greener...on Both Sides of the Fence

    "See there's a big eyed fish, swimming in the sea, Oh, how he dreamed to be a bird, Swooping, diving through the breeze. One day, he caught a big blue wave, up onto the beach,And now he's dead, you see; a fish's dream should stay in the sea.Oh God, under the weight of life, things seem brighter on the other
  • National Guard reaches 375 year milestone.

    December 13, 1636--375 years ago this month---was the birth of the first state-organized defense force known as the National Guard, now a part of the Department of Defense's Total Force. From its fledgling roots of the founding of the first permanent militia by colonial settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Citizen-Airmen and Citizen Soldiers
  • The Arts of Influence and Investment

    As members of the 131st Bomb Wing, you should always strive to secure future excellence throughout the organization. The goal upon retirement should be to leave the wing a better place to be than when you joined it years ago, thus setting the future leaders of the wing on a path to success. Of the many contributions you can make, the two areas that
  • Execution through Engagement

    8/14/2010 - WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. -- A relentless focus on execution--combined with total engagement of an Airman's heart and mind--leads to mission accomplishment. Strategic execution is shared and formulated to build upon the future vitality of our force. Without a doubt, engaged Airman are on the pursuit of excellence!Embracing and