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  • Missouri Air National Guard leads DOD training exercise to provide health care in southeastern Missouri

    The Missouri Air National Guard is leading an effort to provide health care services in the Bootheel Region at no-direct cost to local residents. The effort is part of an innovative readiness training (IRT) exercise, known as Operation Healthy Delta (OHD), which runs from Sept. 13-21.
  • 131st Citizen-Airman ranked top 10 world hand ball player

    It’s not easy to see the golf-ball sized blue rubber ball bouncing from wall to wall, as two people run back and forth trying to send it across the court to their opponent. For the 131st Bomb Wing’s Tech. Sgt. Suze Koehler, this little blue ball helps maintain the physical and mental sharpness necessary to perform her part-time military job, and has helped her earn a top-10 ranking in national competition, despite her rookie status.
  • Missouri Air Guardsmen reach out to foster youth through Op BRACE

    In the State of Missouri there are nearly 13,000 kids who have been taken away from their families and displaced within the foster care system. Each year about 400 kids age out of the system, and more than half will end up homeless or incarcerated. The Missouri Air National Guard’s 131st Bomb Wing has started an initiative designed to enrich the lives of foster children throughout Missouri.
  • Additional Duty First Sergeants learn the ropes

    Following August drill weekend, 20 senior noncommissioned officers from across the nation gathered in the Professional Development Center here for an Additional Duty First Sergeant Seminar hosted by the Missouri Air National Guard’s 131st Bomb Wing.
  • ANG’s Outstanding Senior NCO of the Year: Senior Master Sgt. Thomas J. DuMont

    Senior Master Sgt. Thomas J. DuMont was chosen as the Air National Guard’s 2016 Outstanding Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.
  • Civil Engineer Citizen-Airmen volunteers wire 203 workstations

    Twenty-two Citizen-Airmen from the 131st Civil Engineer Squadron recently volunteered to complete the network infrastructure installation in historic building 29 to ensure timeliness of the building’s renovation.
  • SAPR office welcomes new therapy dog to their team

    Team Whiteman's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) office recently welcomed a new therapy dog to their office. Apollo is a 3-year-old Labrador mix whose mission is to be one of many “tools” in the toolbox of resources that the SAPR office has to offer survivors of sexual assault. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to working with victims of this crime, and the SAPR office goal is to offer as many options as possible to help victims onto their own personal path to healing and becoming a survivor. If you or anyone you know has been affected by sexual assault, Apollo and the SAPR team available 24/7 on their hotline at 660-687-7272.
  • Medical personnel support bomber mission

    At a typical air force base, Airmen have a full medical staff to look after them if they become ill. This is not the case at many deployed locations, and for the roughly 800 Airmen deployed to RAF Fairford, United Kingdom, as part of an exercise, they have four medical personnel supporting their needs.
  • Air Force B-2 "Spirit" Stealth Bombers arrive in UK

    Two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers joined B-1B Lancers and B-52H Stratofortresses June 9 to participate in theater bomber assurance and deterrence operations.