NCOAGA performs Operation Patriotism

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Richard Champ
  • 131 Fighter Wing Financial Management
Members from the 131st Fighter Wing Non-Commissioned Officers Academy Graduates Association Chapter 14 performed Operation Patriotism at Dardenne Elementary School Nov. 11 to help support a local school pay tribute to the Veterans this Veteran's Day.

Operation Patriotism teaches the audience about the history of our Flag and how it came to be what it is today.

It is a program designed to support and promote a nationwide policy of Americanism and an endeavor to motivate a spirit of love and appreciation for God and country. It is performed by local members of the NCOAGA Chapter 14 at local functions. Last year the chapter was asked to a VFW hall in South County for the Tribute to Women Veterans.

The tribute is always well organized and teaches the children to honor their Military members, past and present.

All the children applauded the Veterans in attendance, as well as, recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag, and sung the national anthem. 

After the ceremony the participants went to Jackson's, step-son of Master Sgt. Richard Champ, 131st Fighter Wing financial management superintendent, classroom to answer questions from the children had and to further educate them about the Air National Guard.

When Jackson returned home that evening he said, the ceremony was neat and his classmates thought we were all cool. 

The Five Flag Ceremony includes the Queen Anne Flag from 1707 to the Revolution, Grand Union Flag raised over George Washington's Headquarters on January 1, 1776, Betsy Ross Flag the first official flag of the new nation, the United States of America on June 14, 1777, Star Spangled Banner flag May 1, 1795 and inspired Francis Scott Key to write our National Anthem, and finally Old Glory April 4th, 1818 the Flag of the United States of America of today. 

I encourage you to participate and/or ask Chapter 14 to perform this ceremony for your group, scouts, school, etc. For more information contact Sergeant Champ, Chapter 14 President.