NCOAGA volunteers time to Habitat for Humanity

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Richard Champ
  • 131 Fighter Wing Financial Management
The day started off very cold and none of the homes had heat installed as of yet. Luckily the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy Graduates Association Chapter 14 members were warned ahead of time and most of them dressed for the bitter weather.

The NCOAGA Chapter 14 members gathered Nov. 22 to assist Habitat for Humanity, St. Charles chapter, help a local member of the community become a home owner.

To start the day the members checked in, signed a waiver, and since this is a Christian organization, said a prayer, before heading off to the assigned home.

At the home, the NCOAGA members split up into two groups, one working on siding and the other working on framing. Each home and group had a house leader that gave the members instructions, a little guidance, and then were sent on their way to work.

We found that the St. Charles chapter isn't as well funded as the Habitat for Humanity St. Louis chapter. Materials were very scarce and much of the initial time was spent looking for them.

However, once the materials were found, things really picked up. The sounds of hammering and sawing could be heard throughout the job site.

Chapter 14 had our largest group everĀ helping Habitat for Humanity, more and more members are eager to help.

This is my fourth time helping habitat and each and every time, no matter the inexperience or experience, the group comes together and gets the job done. For me that is one of the most gratifying aspects of organizing this for the NCOAGA.

To become an owner of a habitat home, the family must first apply. If selected they then must qualify for a loan equal to the value of the cost of materials for their home design. Lastly they must work 350 hours for Habitat for Humanity, whether it is on their home or another home. As you see this isn't a handout, Habitat for Humanity home owners earn and work for their home.

For more information about the next Habitat for Humanity opportunity or to become a member of your local NCOAGA contact Sergeant Champ, Chapter 14 president, at 314-527-6250 or e-mail