131st Bomb Wing Airmen to deploy in support of B-2 mission

  • Published
  • By Rachel Knight
  • Missouri National Guard Public Affairs
The Air National Guard's 131st Bomb Wing will be deploying pilots, aircrew flight equipment specialists, and maintenance personnel in support of the B-2 mission in Guam this month.

This deployment will be the second time Missouri Air National Guardsmen have deployed with the 509th Bomb Wing to Guam. A year ago, a small contingent of Air Guard personnel deployed to Guam for the first time since the 131st Bomb Wing became a classic associate unit.

One focus while in Guam is to conduct long-duration exercises with the B-2s.

"We will be working shoulder to shoulder with our 509th Bomb Wing counterparts during this deployment," said Lt. Col. Michael Pyburn.

The upcoming deployment is just a portion of the mission aimed towards achieving total force integration within the Air Force. Pyburn, director of total force integration for the 131st Bomb Wing, said that in the total force concept, active, Guard, and reserve forces work together to achieve the Air Force's mission.

"Last year, we were in the stand-up phase, and now we are integrated in all aspects of base operations," Pyburn said. "When there are taskings, we step up and deploy with them."

In 2005, the 131st - formerly a St. Louis-based fighter wing - changed designations to a bomb wing and moved to Whiteman as an Air National Guard classic associate unit on the B-2s at Whiteman Air Force Base.

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