ROBSLIST and the art of acquisition

  • Published
  • By Joseph Murray
  • Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs
In an effort to find better ways to reuse and repurpose our government resources, Air Force Global Strike Command's logistics, installations and mission support directorate, Resource Integration Division or A4/7I, recently introduced the Repurposing On Base Supplies List, or ROBSLIST.

ROBSLIST leverages the Craigslist model to provide a forum for units to exchange surplus supplies and equipment. If a division is in possession of surplus equipment or supplies, those resources can be made available throughout the command. In addition, divisional needs can also be fulfilled by repurposing items from the list at no cost to the acquiring division.

ROBSLIST is the result of an Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century event, (AFSO21) which focused on generating efficiencies and improving processes associated with equipment and supply. Since that event, the A4/7I team has already made more than 2,700 items, worth more than $1.2 million, available on the exchange database. After identifying needed items, acquiring units can pick up those items at no charge.

"I think AFSO21 played a huge part," said Geronimo Gonzalez, chief of the A 4/7 Financial Management Branch, "but it was the work that the wings did that really made it go."

After initial beta testing at the Major Command level, the wings conducted their own AFSO21 events.

"We had all the wings conduct [process improvement] events so that they could do their repurposing of their equipment and supplies," said Gonzalez.

Those resources are now available to other units within the MAJCOM.

Additionally, an incentive has been put in place for those units who make their surplus items available on ROBSLIST. A4/7I will compile a list of active users of the system and assign incentive payback credits.

If funds are available and supported by the AFGSC corporate process, the wings will receive end-of-year funds based on their earned incentive credit.

"I want to make it clear this came down through a tasker, but we had an idea and we ran with it," said Johnny Harris, budget analyst A4/7I. "The ultimate intent of the ROBSLIST is not to change the way we procure items at the wings, it's just meant [to identify] items that are no longer useable by any one unit that can be reused throughout the command."
This is a chance for units to not only clear out storage closets, but to acquire much needed equipment.

"This is a great opportunity for the units to go through and really do a deep dive, and look for things," said Angie McElroy, A4/7I program analyst. "We all know that people rat hole stuff, but this is the time to share. We've all seen the budget drills right now and the need to reduce expenditures, especially in Government Purchase Card purchases, so this comes at a perfect time to maximize our efforts and reduce expenditures."